Fitness Done Right' Because Good Enough Isn't' sums up Keiser's Philosophy on the Fitness Business Industry

From challenging the status quo with the world’s first pneumatic variable resistance equipment line, through the award-winning M Series Indoor Bike to today’s Infinity Series functional training machines, Keiser has always had one goal with its game-changing fitness products — becoming the gold standard for anyone seeking to push the limits of human performance. 


Mission accomplished.

Today Keiser Corporation, founded in 1977 by Dennis and Randy Keiser, boasts more than 300,000 Keiser indoor bikes sold worldwide. Indeed, for the past four decades, Keiser has influenced the training of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation experts with scientifically superior fitness products.

Need proof: Today, 96 percent of the teams in the four major U.S. pro leagues train on Keiser equipment, including every pro baseball and basketball team, the soccer champions of nine countries, several American football champions and countless Olympians. They’re joined by everyone from NASA to Navy SEALs, medical experts and rehabilitation specialists, and major gyms such as LA Fitness.

The success has come from an insistence on remaining on the cutting edge with a full range of fitness products. Its portfolio features cardio, strength and functional training machines, all engineered to safely and efficiently take human performance to the next level.

Keiser’s success in 2019 is based first on its acceptance by the elite sports performance community, while its growth is focused on becoming a smart choice for health clubs, medical rehab facilities, senior living communities and older-adult focused facilities, government agencies, and the hospitality industry. The company believes that because its technology is scientifically proven, there’s no user group that wouldn’t benefit from its equipment.

The optimization of the science behind Dynamic Variable Resistance, which the company calls “variable resistance done right,” is at the heart of these benefits. Keiser identified and programmed into its strength machines the ideal resistance curve for each machine’s particular movement. This means that no matter the workout speed or resistance setting all Keiser machines vary their resistance throughout exercise to match the body’s biomechanical ability to produce force.


Market Growth, Opportunities

The fitness industry today is at $30 billion and has been growing by at least three to four percent annually for the last 10 years, with no signs of slowing down. But constantly changing trends, such as the introduction of integrated technology, group training, HIIT training and functional fitness training, make it imperative for any club to be able to adapt in order to stay relevant.

Keiser’s entire line of equipment is uniquely positioned to help with that, delivering adaptable training options, along with technology and education programs, for a fully integrated product offering for all aspects of fitness markets, according to Keiser director of marketing Brennon Bynum..

“We have been an innovator in elevating human performance for over 40 years and the industry is finally evolving past the status quo,” he says. “Keiser will continue to lead the way for many years to come.”


As part of this evolution, Keiser’s equipment is positioned as a must-have for health clubs at all levels for a few simple reasons.

  • It improves performance quicker, safer and more efficiently in people of every age and fitness level. Keiser has, in fact, been featured in more than 80 peer-reviewed and published research studies on strength training and its effect on aging — making it a leader in serving the needs of an aging population.
  • Keiser’s strength training equipment permits five modalities of training via each piece of equipment — Traditional, Speed, Eccentric, HIIT and Power. This means that members are no longer limited to the same stale, boring workouts and trainers can offer more client-centric programming that helps them increase personal training sales.
  • Because one Keiser machine can accommodate so many different types of members and training types, it’s a superior investment for the ROI-minded club owner — especially as a second line to the traditional weight stack.
  • Finally, the versatility of its equipment makes it future-proof. Whatever the fitness and training trends of tomorrow, Keiser machines are well positioned to accommodate.



FIBO USA is a primary tool the company is utilizing to reach its diverse core markets and at the 2019 show in Miami Beach, FL, it will be focused on featuring the superiority of its full line, including cardio, strength, and Infinity Series functional training machines, and how its products are the best solutions for virtually any clientele at any club. It will be looking to have people try Keiser for themselves in order to feel the difference between traditional iron weight stacks and Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance.

“We would encourage attendees to come and demo the equipment so they can feel the difference for themselves,” says Bynum. “We can describe at length the difference and science behind Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance and show videos of people using our equipment, but nothing can communicate the concept as well as a hands-on trial.

“When someone tries a Keiser machine for the first time, they’re often shocked by the sensation,” he adds. “They’ve never before experienced pure resistance, unaffected by momentum and gravity. It usually isn’t long before they realize what they’ve been missing.”

Keiser also wants to focus on its entire line so they can see the future of fitness for themselves, including how Keiser can provide the versatility that today’s fitness clubs are looking for to satisfy their diverse member base.

This future plays right into its business philosophy — challenging the status quo and living the ethos of its “Because Good Enough Isn’t” brand tagline.


Keiser In Your Club

Keiser is second to none in its efforts to support its club and facility customers, beginning with an ambitious demo program that reaches across the country.

Believing that experiencing the machines firsthand is the best way to understand the Keiser difference, the company has invested in a fleet of equipment demo vans to permit club owners/managers the opportunity to try its equipment right at their facility, When a visit is requested, a Keiser sales rep schedules a convenient demonstration day and time so the facility can coordinate assembling the appropriate stakeholders.


Merchandising has received a significant investment as well.

Keiser offers extensive support resources through Keiser PowerED for Cardio, group apps to help take group cycling to the next level and Keiser Integrated Technology that lets users access their favorite training content on the market, even if it’s not from Keiser.