Unique concept is giving fitness training a real goal — and is bringing the world together.

July 1, 2019

Two years ago three fitness and marketing executives recognized a glaring gap in the world of global fitness and they set out to fill it with a unique marketing and event concept. The result has been the overwhelming success and adaptation globally of HYROX.

HYROX is inspired by a simple idea that millions of athletes all over the world who consider functional fitness – or simply going to the gym – as their sport of choice don’t have a measurable competition. Well, now they do, thanks to Upsolut Sports, which was founded in 2017 by three partners combining their diverse business backgrounds. 

Managing partner Christian Toetzke has more than 20 years of experience in the global sports event business, with a diverse range of accomplishments, including founding the World Triathlon Series. Two-time Field Hockey Olympic Gold Medalist, Moritz Fürste, brings an extensive sports network. And Michael Trautmann, founder of the advertising agency thjnk, brings global marketing expertise. 

Together, their ambitious ideas and expertise means that HYROX is giving fitness training a real goal.

The Hyrox Concept

“The HYROX community that has formed around the training program is a real phenomenon,” explains Toetzke. “HYROX provides all those who consider fitness to be their sport of choice a competitive goal to achieve.

“When used by our partners, HYROX club owners and trainers, tens of thousands of people have been activated to compete in this timed challenge containing eight segments of alternating running and functional workouts,” he adds. Not only can this be used as a tool to increase attendance and enthusiasm, Toetzke points out, but clubs also get listed on the HYROX gym finder and get an added layer of exposure. 

HYROX reaches its clients and their customers through its @HYROXWORLD Instagram and @HYROX Facebook accounts that are part of its greater marketing approach that also includes newsletters, gym activations, ambassadors and other efforts used to engage the HYROX community in a fitness lifestyle and drive traffic to the website. The website is where people can find key information regarding registration, event details, workout tutorials and rankings.

Retaining Fitness Participation

Toetzke sees the HYROX concept fitting in with the overall effort to increase and retain fitness participation globally. He believes the fitness industry is still growing, especially on a global scale, with plenty of new products entering the market, ranging from new boutique studio concepts to training apps and equipment.

“But every new innovation is focused on enhancing training,” he points out. “So how do you attract more people to fitness and, even more importantly, how do you attract people to get them more engaged in the way they train?”

That’s where HYROX comes on the scene.

“Through competitive events, similar to what marathons did for running, HYROX is filling this large gap in the world of fitness and will change the perception of many gym members,” Toetzke says, “Now training has a new, ongoing goal.”

The FIBO USA Effort

FIBO USA is certainly all about promoting the HYROX concept to its attendees, who can register to be among the first to compete or spectate in HYROX, The Fitness Competition for EVERY BODY, the event series phenomenon that has already taken Germany by storm. In fact, FIBO USA 2019 will be the premiere event in the U.S., followed by New York, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. 

This ambitious schedule fulfills the promise of the company’s core product — its events.

“We will ambitiously grow the number of events in Europe and the U.S., while entering the two densely populated regions of China and India,” Toetzke explains, while enhancing its services with gym partnerships, HYROX tutorials, the HYROX app and global HYROX rankings.


HYROX, powered by its partner, PUMA, is the premium functional fitness competition designed for EVERY BODY, not just elite athletes. The competition, which hosts up to as many as 3000 participants per day in an indoor venue, starts with a one kilometer run, followed by one functional workout, repeated eight times. Not unlike a triathlon or marathon, participants across various divisions and age groups compete, finish and are timed (via chips) on the same course of functional strength training, high intensity interval and endurance challenges. Each season culminates with the HYROX World Championship event, which will take place in Berlin in 2020.

HYROX is the only competition that is indoors and timed via chip. Participants have access to their times as well as all the others globally so that they can compete based on the exact same criteria and terrain, no matter which HYROX event they compete in. Therefore the goal to achieve is ever-changing, bringing new motivation to train in HYROX gyms or with a HYROX program every season. 

For information on how to get involved as a gym, contact Steven Graves at; 917-213-6139.

For partnership information: Ben Crandell,

To participate, or for any other inquiries: Sikeen Paroo at