November 15, 2019

Zero-In is an agency passionate about creating exceptional digital experiences for the real world. Its roots began about 10 years ago as an industry pioneer in what has now become the digital signage industry. A novel idea at the time to install TVs for businesses that could be used for internal marketing and advertising has become a mature marketing concept with lower cost hardware, easier methods for data integration and more dynamic exciting content. 

As the industry has grown, Zero-In has earned a leadership position to offer digital display systems that allow for content such as Social Media Integration, Class Schedule and Appointment Integration, Real-Time News and Entertainment and Dynamic Web-Based Templates. Zero-In over the last few years expanded services well beyond digital signage, to include interactive displays and tablets, overhead music and guest Wi-Fi marketing. FIBO Focus caught up with company founder Mitchell Goss to further explore Zero-In.

FIBO Focus: What is Zero-In’s position in the fitness market in 2019?

Mitchell Goss: Clients engage with Zero-In to assist them with their complete in-club or in-studio digital experience strategy. The industry recognizes that Zero-In is the team to speak with when looking for a true enterprise end-to-end solution, including hardware engineering, installation, cloud-based content delivery, design, system integration and support. 

What about in the year ahead?

As we head into 2020, Zero-In will be expanding our breadth of video, audio and connected device solutions to continue our goal of providing our clients with one integrated seamless multimedia experience for their members.

So what differentiates you from the competition?

There is no shortage of great companies in disciplines such as software, design or AV. However, there really aren’t any companies in Fitness providing a complete turn-key solution from design to installation to support. Our team has the hardware/AV chops to design and implement a solution, the in-house creative agency to create truly sensational dynamically integrated content and then a wicked smart IT team to assist with support.

How are you spreading the message of Zero-In and your technology to health clubs?

Zero-In is extremely vested in the industry. We are very active with leading industry events such as FIBO, which includes speaking at conferences, advertising in publications and exhibiting at trade events. 

How can club owners and trainers – most of whom are more knowledgeable about equipment and workout routines – benefit from your products?

Our clients are experts at operating fitness facilities. They rely on us to deliver digital engagement solutions to help them build brand loyalty and sell more solutions and services. Our clients have different needs and we therefore listen to their goals and develop a strategy that is unique to their business.

What kind of merchandising or product support do you offer clubs?

We provide support to multiple client stakeholders, including IT, construction/facilities, marketing and end users.

What type of social media effort do you have and how does it relate to your overall marketing?

Social media is synonymous with marketing in 2019. Any marketing initiative, even analog, non-digital activities like direct mail or tradeshows, always have an element of social media. Each channel for us serves a different purpose. For example, we’ll use LinkedIn to post a new article, Twitter for an announcement and Instagram really just to have fun and show off our team’s true personality and culture.

With that in mind, how can club owners and trainers do a better job for their clients – and make more money – through using Zero-In technology in 2020?

Our solutions are designed to build brand loyalty, enhance the visitor experience and ultimately sell more services. Again, we listen to our clients to understand their unique business needs and then design a system and content that helps achieve these goals.

Any examples of that you can share?

Sure, on a new project our engineering team works with the construction/facilities teams to provide them everything they need relating to power, data and physical installation. Our design team works hand-in-hand with marketing teams to help build beautifully integrated content. Our digital account team has regular contact with end users to assist with daily needs with our system. And our support desk is working with IT on any remote and on-site field support items.