A Vital Connection

Vital Proteins promotes a natural path to health and wellness in 2019.

October 1, 2019

So what do you do if you are a serial entrepreneur and serious runner with a passion for health and wellness who suddenly finds yourself having a harder time bouncing back from a workout?  If you are Kurt Seidensticker, you do a little research, educate yourself on the workings of the human body and come up with a solution that, back in 2013, results in the formation of Vital Proteins.

The research that brought Vital Proteins to life involved discovering that the production of collagen, a mysterious – yet vital – ingredient that bodies naturally produce at a rapid rate, begins to steadily decline after the age of 25. Seidensticker, who himself was past that magic birthday, came to realize that the solution to maintaining his youthful energy and feeling his absolute best was to naturally supplement a diet with pure collagen.

Sure enough, five years later, with more than 150 SKUs – ranging from powders and capsules to ready-to-drink beverages – Vital Proteins has inspired many Americans to rediscover a natural path to their best self.

From this start as a better-for-you brand focused on the paleo community, Vital Proteins has grown to become one of the hottest wellness solutions on the market for both men and women. Raised on Instagram and loved by some of the biggest celebrities, athletes and industry experts, Vital Proteins is changing the way people around the world think about wellness.

From its humble beginnings Vital Proteins has expanded steadily and this year successfully launched its collagen-based Performance Line online and at key retailers with an emphasis on customers who are seeking the benefits of collagen within a pre-workout and recovery centric product.

By the end of the year, its entire Performance Line will be NSF for sport certified, offering athletes from professional status to weekend warriors a clean, quality product to maximize their sport.

Vital Proteins Today

“Vital Proteins as a company understands the importance of collagen in sport,” Seidensticker explains. “We know it’s an integral part of performance and optimizing longevity.”

To increase its exposure to this vital market, these days Vital Proteins is aligning itself with key performance ambassadors across a number of professional platforms and supplementing these relationships with target-right events and expos in an effort to educate fitness enthusiasts and build brand awareness.

This is coupled with what Seidensticker labels “a very robust education program” that it encourages its ambassadors to leverage when engaging with its digital platforms and products.

“We look at our ambassadors as an extension of our internal team and always want to ensure they have the necessary tools to speak to collagen and its important role in performance,” he explains.

The FIBO USA Focus

Vital Proteins will specifically be focusing on its pre-workout, recovery and ready-to-drink formats at FIBO USA in Miami Beach this month, stressing its position as, according to Seidensticker, “the leading collagen brand to enter the performance category.”

The goal is to continue to position Vital Proteins as a key partner with health clubs and retailers looking to sell the benefits of wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

“We’re really looking to establish ourselves as the premier collagen performance line for all modalities of sport,” Seidensticker explains. “Our innovation with Vital Proteins will only continue to evolve in th