March 15, 2020

Gymleco was started 1994 in Sweden with an idea to provide the market with commercial strength training equipment focused on long-lasting, functional product with no service costs. This core idea is still a key pillar as Gymleco works to achieve its vision of a healthier and more sustainable future. The company just entered the market mid-2019 and its primary target markets are gyms, health studios, hotels and communities. Its key product lines consist of its plate loaded and selectorized equipment. Gymleco USA is the distributor for South, Central and North America. Here sales manager Martin Martonfalvy explains the unique Gymleco positioning to FIBO Focus. He can be reached at 239-703-6306;; www.gymlecousa.


FIBO Focus: What is Gymleco’s position in the fitness market in 2020?

Martonfalvy: We are new to the market, but our aim is to be in the top five brands of gym equipment within five years.

What differentiates you from the competition?

Quality, price and customer service. They are key ingredients in our business. Our equipment stands out when it comes to quality and our warranty clearly reflects that.

What is the basis of that warranty?

We offer a unique warranty to our customers that clearly defines coverage for various equipment parts. All of our spare parts are kept readily available for quick delivery. A lifetime warranty is provided on all steel frames and weldings, flange bearings, weight stack, engraving, shock absorbing discs in weight stack, weight stack bars, bar hangers and cam shaft. The lifetime guarantee includes fabrication and material errors.

What does your “cutting edge European design philosophy and commercial artistry” mean exactly in how your products are made and designed?

It means they are space efficient to fit more equipment per square foot. They offer superior range of movement that effectively makes the targeted muscle work at an optimal level. They are engineered to make maintenance and service requirements almost non-existent.

The Gymleco lockers, benches and flooring products are a bit unique from an equipment company. How did that come about?

Our philosophy is to be able to deliver all the requirements a gym facility would need, a one-stop-shop if you will.

Who is your target market/customer?

Commercial gyms, home gyms, hotels and communities.

How would you characterize the overall fitness industry as we get further into 2020? And how is Gymleco helping to make it stronger?

I would say that we are helping the industry by providing equipment with a long life span with minimum service and maintenance, which will help gym owners save money and keep their investment profitable.

Finally, in what direction is your company headed in 2020 and beyond in the fitness industry — technology, new products, new markets?

Gymleco has a fantastic engineering and a development department and a lot of innovations are expected in the nearby future. We lead, we don’t follow!