• November 6-8, 2020


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Brian Sekula
CEO & Founder, Health Performance Institute 

Greg Sellar
Author, Speaker, Facilitator and Coach

Beth Shaw
President & Founder, YogaFit

David Shaw
Speaker, Writer, Cited Expert

Linda Shelton
President, Professional Fitness Services, LIFESTYLEscapes™ and SOULjourn

Cody Sipe
Vice President, Functional Aging Institute

Mia B. Smith
Fitness Industry Consultant and Advisor

Rocky Snyder
Owner, Rocky Fitness Center

Matthew Taub
Regional Fitness Director, Orangetheory Fitness

Mel Tempest
Founder, The Gym Owners Business Podcast 

Mike Tinney
CEO & Founder, Fix Health

Heidy Torres
International Presenter + Instructor, Zumba

Tyler Valencia
President of KIPS + Operations Director of Kettlebell Concepts

Stacey Vandiver
Co-owner, Soulbody LLC

Paul Venner
CEO & Founder, Ultimateinstability

Amy Ward
Master Trainer, Beachbody LIVE!

Kenneth Weichert
International Speaker + Master Fitness Trainer

Cosmo Wollan
Senior Executive , Synergy Cubed

Matt Wright
President, NEHRSA 

Keith Scheinberg 
CEO, Cryo Innovations LLC

Sabrina Ursaner
Co-Founder + CEO, Alignment Essentials LLC

Kelsey Wells
Personal Trainer, PWR

Josh York
Founder + CEO, GYMGUYZ

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As of September 12, 2019